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Breathing with Leah


My private sessions and group offerings integrate conscious, connected breathwork with a variety of complementary modalities including Usui/Holy Fire Reiki, free-form movement, shamanism, live instruments, music, and various somatic + vibrational practices including emotional release, shaking, TRE, alternate breath patterns, and vocal toning. In every session, you are guided to harmonize with the innate wisdom of your body. And you are invited to give yourself permission to come alive through breath, sound, and movement. 










My breathwork training is a synthesis of Clarity Breathwork, the work of Dana Delong and Ashanna Solaris, and Numa Somatics, the work of Trevor Yelich. Both stem from Rebirthing breathwork, and Numa Somatics integrates elements of Transformational Breath and Shamanic Breath as well. My embodiment training comes from nearly 20 years as a dancer and dance teacher. My training in shamanism and tantra comes from the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA). My spiritual, energetic, and multi-dimensional training comes from my Usui Master + Holy Fire Reiki attunements, as well as my own breath sessions and the sessions I've supported for others. And my attunement to the emotional body comes from a lifetime of feeling myself and the collective deeply.




What's possible during a breath session spans a vast wilderness of sacred territory. For some, exploring the rhythmic pulse of the breath is a journey through the sensations of the physical body. For others, it is a courageous swim through the waves of the emotional body. Some vibrate through the energetic, archetypical and mythical realms. And for others it's a powerful spiritual experience, beyond the body, into the sacred boundlessness and the great mystery. We step outside of the continuum of right - wrong, and into the field of grace. We work together by welcoming what arises with presence and love, held within the timeless space of curiosity. Where everything that emerges serves as valuable insight and information into this living moment.

Curious to explore what breathwork could offer you? It would be an honor to work with you!

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