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What is Conscious, Connected Breathwork? 

Conscious, connected breathwork is a powerful process of transformation and deep healing. 

Breathwork helps us to release stress, tension, fear, shock, trauma, emotional baggage, and the layers of protection that no longer serve our well-being.


Gradually, the walls that have both kept us safe and blocked us from what we really want begin to dissolve.


This opens us up to an incredible expansion of consciousness, where greater compassion, empathy, and self-love emerge.

Breathwork can help to: ​

  • Release stuck emotion, stress, and physical tension

  • Free yourself of stories, limiting beliefs, old memories, and conditioning

  • Integrate past traumas through awareness and compassion

  • Restore balance and resilience in your nervous system

  • Open energy channels and subconscious mind

  • Gain new perspectives about the past and present

  • Reconnect to ease, creativity, and clarity 

  • Access wisdom and guidance from within

  • Cultivate compassion for yourself and others

  • Come home to your true self

What is a breathwork session like?

The breathing practice, known as conscious, connected breathwork, is a deep, circular, rhythmic breath in and out of an open mouth. It is most similar to Rebirthing Breathwork. The experiential process allows for deep insight, release, and healing. Sessions are typically 2 hours, including 1 hour of therapeutic, trauma-sensitive counseling, and a 1 hour guided breathwork journey. Every session is unique and cumulatively transformative. 


NOTE: The first session will involve an assessment of your breathing. If necessary, we may focus on functional breathing basics first, before we dive into breathwork, for the safety and ease of your nervous system, and to increase your ability to integrate.

Sessions may involve:


Conscious, connected breathwork

Functional breathing (if needed)

Embodiment practices

Emotional release tools

Tension and trauma release practices

Energetic guidance


Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki energy

Breathwork can be experienced as a group or as individual sessions. Ready to explore how Breathwork Therapy could support you right now? Let's schedule a call to dive in together.


Working with Leah totally transformed my life. She helped me work through some very difficult trauma and brought me back to a place of peace and acceptance within myself. She has the expertise you need to help you come to terms with and release hardships that may be holding you back. The breathwork techniques she guided me through were effective and her empathy and kindness provided the safe space I needed to process what I previously wasn't able to. I couldn't recommend working with Leah enough. If you are needing a safe space and a kind heart to help you overcome trauma, I highly recommend working with Leah. I am now back to living a happy and fulfilling life, in a loving relationship, and no longer feel held back by my past pain, anger, and hurt.


- Lorny, Tech Specialist

Image by Caley Dimmock

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