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“Reiki is Love. Love is Wholeness. Wholeness is Balance. Balance is Wellbeing.

Wellbeing is Freedom from dis-ease.” ~ Usui Sensei

REI translates as spiritual consciousness

KI translates as the energy of life

Reiki Energy Healing

  • Shed stress, anxiety, and worry

  • Experience deep relaxation 

  • Reprieve from physical discomfort

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Release negative beliefs and influences

  • Balance your nervous system


  • Reconnect to inner safety and flow

  • Reestablish energetic protection

  • Strengthen your intuition

  • Establish connection with spiritual guides

  • Realign to your purpose and potential

  • Integrate body, mind, heart, and spirit 

Sessions with Leah may involve: 

Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Energy

Distance Healing

Protection and Cleansing

Generational/Ancestral Healing

Trauma/Emotional Release

Inner Child Healing

Womb Healing

Energetic Realignment

Soul Retrieval


Cleansing Plants

Prayer and Ritual

Vortex Energy Work

Spiritual Guidance

Chakra Balancing

Embodiment/Somatic guidance

Soothing Music

Healing Instruments 

Homeplay Practices


Reiki Lineage


Usui Reiki Ryoho is one of several lineages of Reiki named after Mikao Usui. The energy was given to him in 1922 during a spiritual awakening on Mt. Kurama yama in Japan. After the mystical experience, he devoted himself to the practice. Overtime, he developed the system which he shared and taught widely, and is now one of the most common systems of Reiki practiced in the west. 

Holy Fire® Reiki was introduced in 2014 by William Rand, 4th generation Reiki Practitioner from Usui and founder of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) and the Reiki Membership Association. Holy Fire® Reiki energy comes directly from Source. 'Holy' meaning it creates 'wholeness' through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. It ignites the 'Authentic Self', the pure, unaltered self and can be particularly helpful for issues related to conditioning, disconnection, shadows, relationship, sexuality, spirit attachments, cord cutting, religious trauma, and more.


I am over the moon about Leah! She is absolutely amazing, is extremely gifted and has strong healing powers. The session was absolutely fantastic - she makes you feel completely at home, heard, seen, felt, and grounded. She is very present with you and listens intently. She takes all you’ve shared combined with her intuition to work through the session. She has a wealth of knowledge and combines her different modalities into the session making her unlike any other practitioner and truly unique. I’ve had Reiki sessions with 4 other different practitioners in the past and can attest from my experiences that I felt the strongest connection with Leah. You really don’t want to miss this experience. If you are looking for a reiki practitioner, go see Leah!!!

Nicole, Holistic Practitioner 

Image by Caley Dimmock

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