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Meeting Leah and experiencing multiple breathwork sessions with her has been deeply powerful and transformative for me. I've had a range of experiences from visualisations and powerful messages coming through to feeling like I was healing my relationship with my body and sensuality. I came in to one of the sessions frustrated and low energy and Leah held a beautiful, connective and allowing space that made it possible for me to relax and emerge more peaceful and connected to myself and my purpose. I was so surprised and impressed with the quality of care, non judgement and also deep playfulness and fun that she holds as a facilitator. I continue to work with her to keep my vibrancy alive and to fuel me in my business and creative endeavours!

Reva Wild, Canada, Wild Embodiment Coach


It is my privilege to acknowledge the amazing healing Leah assists with her breathwork. Her open radiant heart has supported me with such tenderness, kindness and wisdom. Her ability to connect and journey with my transformation is very deeply held in my heart. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed. Leah is a true healer and she lives her practice. Amazing and I so look forward to her guidance when I get to attend the next journey with her.

Donna Forscutt, Canada, RN & Labour Relations Officer 


Leah is passionate about breathwork. She lives and breathes it! I was fortunate enough to participate in a group and a few one-on-one session where she also breathed with me. The session unfolded to be a powerful experience for me. She is super in-tune with the processes that occur during sessions. And, her expertise enabled her to navigate her journey as well as being aware of my process too. Next level. Breathwork is often beyond any description. However, there is the knowledge that something significant is occurring. Leah's energy is calm but strong, and she holds space with love and grace.

​Ben North, UK, Physiotherapist


Breathwork with Leah was a powerful, life-changing experience. I had never done breathwork before and didn't really know what to expect. The rush of energy, emotions, and realizations I had in one hour was unbelievable and super powerful. I am so happy I had Leah's support every step of the way to help me navigate through all the different states. Leah was with me completely - vocally, physicallly, and energetically. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to open up new channels in themselves.

Tal Siegler, Israel, Social Worker


My sessions with Leah were incredible. She is very easy to be open and vulnerable with and provides a calming space for transformative experiences. We worked through internal blockages I’ve had for years, and she was super agile in guiding me through very intense experiences. She also helped me connect to myself and to the universe more deeply and I've left her sessions with a sense of peace that has remained with me since. Thank you Leah!

AJ, US, Data Privacy Specialist


I tried breathwork for the first time with Leah. I was a little nervous going in as I was told by a friend that the practice can be very powerful. Leah's softness, calmness, and her solid support and presence allowed me to surrender and have the most amazing experience. As my mind stepped aside, I felt my heart opening as waves of energy ran throughout my body, like an energetic cleanse. I felt at peace in a ceremonial state of mind and body. Leah had a natural ease in 'listening' to what my body needed. I felt in total trust and deeply cared for the whole way through. I highly recommend this work. I am feeling the advantages on a physical, emotional, espiritual and energetic level. I am very grateful for Leah for walking me through the process in a such a gentle way.

Aitana Sanchez, Spain, Water Therapist, Scuba Instructor 


Leah is quite possibly one of the best breathwork facilitators I have ever met. I have done three private sessions with her and several of her classes. I noticed each one having its own uniqueness in my growth and healing. Breathing with her is like breathing yourself alive. She guides effortlessly and beams loving presence to everything that may arise. And I do mean everything. Consider yourself blessed to be graced by the presence of an angel when working with her. I highly recommend it.

Deva Presence, US, Relationship & Sexuality Coach


Most of all I am thankful for the depth of understanding. I felt wrapped by a natural sense of acceptance. I didn't feel judged or analyzed and that opened me as fast as we were good old friends. The technique itself is very gentle but efficient, and Leah's guidance was intuitive, prompt, and brought me into some very interesting processes that she also helped me to unfold. She passed along some applicable, easy techniques to do at home, along with how to maintain things that we touched into, including recommending literature that I am already reading! It was so easy to flow into synchronicity with this woman-healer.

Rosie, Czech Republic, Free Diver & Guide


After doing breathwork a couple of times by myself and in group settings, I had my first private session with Leah. I've got no other words to describe my experience than: WOWWW!!! Having her by my side during my journey, I felt safe for the time ever to completely let my walls down and fully let my body release and express itself. I just knew that I could completely let go! She held space in a way that was comforting and deeply grounding. Weeks after the session, I am still integrating some of the deep energy work and healing I went through during my session with Leah. I'm extremely grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her! Thank you so much girl. 

Violaine, Canada, Photographer


I had a beautiful, deep experience in the group breath sección with Leah. Her skill and care brought each of us to the place in our process where we could find release and clarity. I highly recommend Leah's breath secciónes. Her passion for her work and her heart will guide and support you in very subtle and powerful way.

Nury Buendia, Switzerland/Colombia, Director at Fundacion Mi Ciudad Con Vida


Throughout our session there was a sense of ease and trust. Leah brings her gifts of lightness, depth, rigour and spontaneity into her sessions. Her ability to create and hold sacred space created an opening and willingness for my body and breath to do exactly what it needed to surrender. I allowed myself to submit and shut down for decades in my marriage. Leah's invitation and guidance allowed me the safety and security to let go.

Leah's deep holy listening to my intention coupled with the exchanges we had in our previous sessions made me feel completely honored and loved.  What came out of the session will continue to reverberate within me, hopefully forever.  I feel on a journey now with my breath to find that happy marriage I have been seeking within myself.

Nancy Medwell, Washington, Ayurvedic Practitioner 


Leah's facilitation is such a gift both on the energetic as well as tangible levels. She is very intuitively connected with the energies of the space and it is quite a lovely experience to be guided in the journey through her songs, words and voice. The breathwork techniques Leah presents are quite simple and have the longevity as well as the adaptability to be used in various spaces. I find these practices very useful still, almost half a year after I participated in the first workshop. I wish you all the best Leah with your journey to offer these gifts to the world. I am very inspired by your dedication to the work.
Peeyush Kumar, Washington, Microsoft


My experience working with Leah through breathwork has been truly amazing. From the moment you enter her space, Leah creates a sense of trust and security, allowing the breathwork to flow. Her knowledge and experience is a unique match. Over my many sessions with Leah I have uncovered and learned so much, and been supported in a much needed way. Her work is expansive, and one of my favorite things from working with her is she is truly a guide to your findings - everything is already within you. If you're just getting into breathwork (or Reiki), exploring it for the first time, or have been doing it for years, I highly recommend taking sessions with Leah - her guidance, knowledge and trust is unique and I have yet to find another teacher that has been as transformative as she has been for me.

Sydney Johnson, Washington, Account Manager & Marketing 


The level of healing I've been able to reach through Leah's guidance has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. Opening a door to deep deep release and freedom from the sadness I've carried for so long. Leah's approach of genuine compassion and true understanding has allowed me to get to a place I've always been afraid of - vulnerability. Her voice, her sincerity, and her own experience provided the necessary container to allow me to trust again. Not just in her, but in myself as well. Getting to know my inner workings. I will always be grateful for crossing paths with this beautiful and kindred spirit. With my entire being, thank you. 
Bryant Novak, Mexico


Yesterday I went to go see Leah for a trauma-release therapeutic breathwork session. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life in regards to emotional release. I went to Leah because I felt she was someone I could trust, someone who I felt safe around. And someone who I felt I could be vulnerable with. Before the session I was experiencing back pain behind my heart, I also had mild shoulder pain that I’ve been dealing with for awhile. After the session my shoulder pain was gone completely, and back pain was gone. She demonstrated a high level of professionalism, mastery, and integrity. If your dealing with suppressed, repressed emotions, trauma, even physical blockages, I highly recommend going to see Leah. She will help you. Thank you Leah for holding space, making me feel safe, allowing me to express what I needed to without judgment.​
Shayne Zal-Arora, Mexico, Student


I am so blown away by the experience I had with Leah. The change and growth I went through was SO significant. I didn't realize how many blockages I had in my life and all that my body needed to put into words. I felt such a confidence and gentleness emerge. After the session, there was so much energy created that I felt I could finally move through these experiences from my past and trust my body was doing just that. The work has brought out my happiness and joy in a way that I wasn't tapped into before. For that, I just have to say, there's a goddess walking this Earth in Leah. If you haven't experienced the power of breath, then Leah is going to be a great person to experience that with. For her to plant the sacred seed in you, call on the ancestors, and give you that eternal support...I am truly blown away. I can't wait for my next sessions. I am very committed, very happy, and definitely recruiting my whole family. I'm excited to see the work she does for myself and for everybody else. I don't know a better supporter on this journey. 
Jhadha King, Miami 


My breathwork session with Leah blew my mind, literally and figuratively. I was able to pierce through my mental gates and access deeper parts of my psyche. I met what’s been holding me back, and was able to connect with what I’m driven by with such clarity. I could see the visuals when I closed my eyes. And this happened via zoom. I can only imagine how this practice is in person. Do yourself a favor, treat yourself to an expertly guided breath.
Elena Kim, Los Angeles, Vice President Business Development 


Working with Leah totally transformed my life. She helped me work through some very difficult trauma and brought me back to a place of peace and acceptance within myself. She has the expertise you need to help you come to terms with and release hardships that may be holding you back. The breathwork techniques she guided me through were effective and her empathy and kindness provided the safe space I needed to process what I previously wasn't able to. I couldn't recommend working with Leah enough. If you are needing a safe space and a kind heart to help you overcome trauma, I highly recommend working with Leah. I am now back to living a happy and fulfilling life, in a loving relationship, and no longer feel held back by my past pain, anger, and hurt.
~ Michelle, Portugal

I went in with no expectations, and I have had a lot of energy healing sessions, but this was the most effective healing modality I have ever tried. It was my first time trying breathwork and my intention was to better prepare myself for a 10-day silent retreat. I had no idea that I had so much stuck emotion and energy inside me. I had such a big release in the first 2 hour session. I met with Leah two more times, and it was more and more powerful each time. The 3rd session was really so amazing as I was able to heal some child-hood trauma and process some really strong emotion. If I read my own testimonial before I went in, I wouldn’t have believed it. I think its really important who you pick as your guide, and Leah is a really good guide. She has a personality where it's easy to trust her, it's easy to be vulnerable with her, and it's easy to open up to her. She is a good listener, and she asks really good questions. Throughout the session, she guided me to go deeper and deeper very artfully, very naturally. I never felt forced. Leah is really talented and I am completely satisfied.
~ Kevin, Mexico

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Maria's Experience

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